Welcome to Project CBRunway!

PLEASE VOTE for any and all entries you feel best complete the challenge. Please vote based on how well the challenge is met, not on art ability. Participants may vote for themselves. Designers will receive a point for each vote they receive. The three contestants who have accumulated the most votes over the eight weekly challenges will move on to CBR Fashion Week.

NOTE: Only registered CBR members with a posting history may vote. Any votes from posters sharing any IP addresses will not be counted, no exceptions. Any fraudulent voting will result in disqualification and a possible permanent forum ban.

For your third challenge you must design a super-soldier uniform inspired by the flag and culture of a non-permanent United Nations Security Council member state. Designers will post two numbers, between 1 and 10, on a first-come, first served basis, and be randomly assigned two member states from which they may choose their inspiration. As with past challenges, it must be clear which country your uniform represents. You may give your uniform a "name" but remember: all submissions should include a three-sentence description of the costume explaining, to the best of your ability, material, functionality, design inspiration, etc. Do not provide any additional information such as biographies or power descriptions.

Please vote using the poll, then feel free to make comments or ask questions about this challenge or these designs within this thread. Now let's start the show...