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    Default The Silver Bullet 8 is now on Comixology!!! SB and BIGFOOT go SPEED DATING!

    Just to let everyone know the Silver Bullet issues 1-7 are up on Comixology now. Below is a screen shot with the epicly cool Darryl Banks Silver Bullet cover!

    The Silver Bullet is an absurdist tale of a deranged ego maniac who turns into a viscous werewolf when his armors off. Follow him and his best friend Bigfoot and the third wheel Half Cat Half Man as they plunge thru time and space to save all of reality time and time again and watch as the Silver Bullet finds his soul at the same time but can he save it? And it is hilariously hilarious or so we've been told this weekend at C2E2.

    The Silver Bullet trade dropping this June in Previews, with an amazing cover by the mind numbingly talented Khoi Pham (currently drawing Dare Devil) ORDERING INFO (page 226 order code APR12 0737)

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    Uhm if anyones going to their comic shop anytime soon and wanted to get their comic shop to order themselves a copy of The Silver Bullet trade volume 1 here is a printable promo/order form. :D

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    Here's the promo with the words.... We are going to old school mail this promo out to some comic shops.

    Give them a feel for the tone of the book and writing.
    Which is basically we are just having fun doing our own little thing with this book.
    Colors by Donovan Yaciuk and letters and writing by Eric Rampson.
    Had to leave it big as to be able to read the words...

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    "One must have chaos within oneself, to give birth to a dancing star." -Thus Spoke Zarathustra (1885)

    A panel from the Silver Bullet issue 7 now available on Comixology for your reading pleasure.

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    wow, this looks awesome. Reminds me of Axe Cop in its absurdity. I want to check it out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grigoris View Post
    wow, this looks awesome. Reminds me of Axe Cop in its absurdity. I want to check it out.
    Thanks Grigoris, we are absurdists at heart!

    Updated the Silver Bullet website.
    To quote the movie the Predator, " There's no stopping what can't be stopped, no killing what can't be killed. "

    Click the link to check it out, hopefully me and Silver Bullet writer Eric Rampson's ugly mugs don't scare too many people off.

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    The SILVER BULLET 8 panel sampler, the release of issue 8 on Comixology is getting closer and this here is a sample. So if you haven't already, get on Comixology and get caught up on issues 1-7 of the Silver Bullet, because we'd hate for you to miss the shiny silvery boat.

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    Unfortunately we didn't receive enough orders from Diamond to be distributed to comic shops. So you can order directly from us. And if you are a comic shop and you order 4 or more we offer complete wholesale. Info here....

    The SILVER BULLET trade available for purchase. Featuring a really cool cover by Khoi Pham.
    110 pages of Super Hero comedy from Brett Wood (me) and writer Eric Rampson. Contains issues 1-5.

    The Silver Bullet #1
    The Earth's Greatest Hero (and World-Class Jerk) the Silver Bullet rushes to a rescue on the Moon but ends up a million years in the past! Plus, find out how The Silver Bullet and Bigfoot became best buds! It's Comedy/Superhero/Sci-Fi action at its strangest!

    The Silver Bullet #2
    The Silver Bullet and Shoogla head out to find a way back to the future but all may not be as it seems. Plus, Half-Cat/Half-Man takes on murderous mutant frogs for the life of the woman he loves and ends up swearing vengeance against...The Silver Bullet?!?

    The Silver Bullet #3
    One rescued princess later, everyone is saying teary goodbyes before SB time-trips back to 2009. What's waiting for him when he gets back? Here's a hint - it rhymes with "sparewolf." Plus, Murderman has a plan that might spell the beginning of the end for our silver sentinel of super!

    The Silver Bullet #4
    It's The Silver Bullet vs. The Silver Bullet! The Cosmigaurdian sends Bigfoot and Half-Cat/Half-Man to keep either Bullet from killing the other. But Prof. Von Terrorstein and his Nazi Werewolves have other ideas. Also featuring the backup story "Blades of Frankenstein!"

    The Silver Bullet #5
    It's the knock-down, drag-out, to-the-death, over-hyphenated finale of our first storyline! The Silver Bullet and friends vs. Prof. Von Terrorstein and his Nazi Werewolf Shocktroopers. Also featuring a tale of the Golden Age Silver Bullet and his sidekick, Kid Powder Keg! COVER BY KHOI PHAM!

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