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    Default 5-STAR REVIEW: "Saga" #2

    Kelly Thompson gives "Saga" #2 5 stars, calling Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples' new Image Comics series an "intoxicating blend of sci-fi, adventure and realism that mixes together effortlessly."

    Full article here.

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    I should have read #1 first most likely. I mean, the story was straight forward enough and the characters were clearly doing what they were doing but the momentum/connection from the premiere was unclear and the ghost kids at the cliffhanger didn't have enough emotive shock value for me. The art was too detail-lax for my tastes and the outer space side-story did not build any excitement in this chapter.The Stalk was neat enough and the Endless Woods had a nice The Princess Bride's Fire Swamp vibe to it. By the way, who was the narrator with the freehand font in the forest scenes? Marcus? His look and spellcasting prerequisite were kinda interesing. I was hoping that it would hook me right away like Y the Last Man did. Hopefully, it can do so by the 3rd book - since getting the 1st on is currently not an option.
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    Bookem Danno,

    You can still get Saga #1 (1st and 2nd prints in stock, 3rd print is scheduled to show up April 25th) from Midtown Comics by ordering online here:

    Yeah, everything flows and fits better having read issue #1 first. Issue #1 is a double-issue so there is a lot of content you missed out on.


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