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While the OP seems to be criticizing the content, I think you make a valid point about they way comics are written. I blame that on this idea that every issue is always in the middle of an arc. At best, issue three of all 52 comics should have been able to be enjoyed by anyone just picking the title up for the first time. Now, I like arcs since they allow for a more developed story. That's fine. But I think the single issue needs to come back. A nice mixture really. Sometimes the way the pages are laid out are confusing to me so maybe that could use some work.
Oh, that drives me absolutely nuts as well. Before Flashpoint I was saying that while I, as a long-time reader, was able to make sense of what was going on, someone just walking in off the street would be dealing with the middle of a year-long story arc involving Superman taking a very long walk as a result of a war between Earth and the expanded bottle city of Kandor, or another year-long arc involving Wonder Woman trying to figure out what her reality was, or Batman being dead but really lost in time, with no really simple entry point for a new reader, kid or adult. I don't want all stories to be done-in-one but now it seems like everything is part of some arc or other--and the investment of at least, say, ($2.99 an issue x six issues multiplied by tax divided by store/subscription discount) around $18 just to see the beginning, middle and end of a story--well, yikes! Marvel has its issues but I think the point-one comics are a very, very good idea overall.

I mean, Lord knows I started a thread about the ethics of killing parademons in Justice League, but $3.99 x 6 issues = twenty-four freakin' dollars to see, in my view, apart from morals or philosophy or whatever, very little actually happen in the JL's new origin story, the big shiny centerpiece of the new DCU--eeeeyurgh. I just can't afford that. Especially not in this economy. I really felt like the story, such as it was, could have been told, and told better, in three issues or less.