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So does this take place after the children vs the people event? Its good to see that the world isn't in a nuclear fallout. It would be funny to see Peter arrive in the Ultimate Universe only to die by a whole bunch of nukes.
LOL and then BOTH Spider-Men(the 2 peters from both universes) are dead, leaving only Miles. I wonder how 616 would react to their Spidey dying, probably the same as the UU only there would be some changes, like maybe May from 616 having a heart attack(since she doesn't know Peter is spider-man in that universe).

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Oh good golly. Ultimate Nick Fury x Adult Peter Parker? My head is going to explode from all the awesome.

I've always wanted a "what might have been" one shot after DoSM that showed where Peter would have ended up had he survived. I think that he could have taken over the mantle of Captain America, been the greatest of them all, etc. It'll be wonderful to see how Fury reacts :).
I would like a one shot for that too! That would be amazing. I'm still a little sad that the Peter from the UU isn't coming back, but im still not that much surprised, maybe in USM #200.