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    I suppose there's already an old thread on this but I'm shitty mobile. anyway I enjoyed the series, runaways, drug addiction and a final blast to go out with. it wasn't VERY good, but I felt it was worth :reading. do you think this is another ploy for him to appear dead? I wouldn't be surprised

    so are you glad he's gone? Marvel prolly felt it was too many people with claws since Sa sabretooth returning
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    I don't like Daken one bit. However since you're a fan of such a character, I do hope Marvel uses him in the future for your entertainment.
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    I don't know. I mean, the ending was awesome! It was basically a thesis on superheroes and their role in a story. It was brilliant. I think Daken worked a lot better when it was clear that his badassness was mostly in his head. It worked a lot better than the idea being stuffed down our throats.

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    He's made appearances in Wolverine and Deadpool after his death issue, although when a comic is sold doesn't necessarily determine when it happened in the MU.
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