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    Default Marvel's The Avengers

    I didn't see a general thread to discuss the movie on the first 3 pages on the TV/FILM boards, so I wanted to start one. My city was one of 5 that won a free advance screening of Avengers on IMAX 3D on 10am Saturday morning, April 14, and I was lucky enough to get in. I have to say, while I expected the movie to be good, I wasn't sure if Joss Whedon's touch would be too evident. I was afraid it would feel silly or too much like a TV show or low budget. Buddy, was I wrong. The movie was EXCELLENT. I was very pleasantly surprised. The movie has a fast pace and ties in all the various characters' other films. There is just the right touches of humor when needed without overstepping. It was actually very funny, and the visuals were incredible.

    Much, much better than I expected, and it was a great movie. The IMAX looked fantastic, and the 3D was pretty well done. I'm going to see it again with my wife and whoever else after it officially comes out. I am impressed!

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    What are the soldiers? Skrull, Bandoon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bison4Life View Post
    What are the soldiers? Skrull, Bandoon?
    Jean Grey, Gwen Stacy, Professor X, Mar-Vell, Richard Rider, Kid Loki- Bring Them Back!!!

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    I hope w/the Avengers movie,we get to see some good trailers for once. I read that a Batman trailer will be attach to the movie and here hoping for MIB 3,Prometheus
    "Everybody's Waiting," Six Feet Under finale episode


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