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    So it's DC's Admantium?

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    Well, Inertron would probably be a better analogue. But Promethium isn't too far either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jody Garland View Post
    Also, Promethium goes all the way back to Tales of Teen Titans back in the 80s. It was what Cyborg was made out of then, and now. Deathstroke's suit is also made out of it.
    Most of the old JLA moon base was also made out of it...strangely enough it seemed to combine the properties of some uber grade titanium and uranium, first TT story that really involved it as a plot thing was when Deathstroke stole the plans for a promethium bomb from steve dayton...resulting in something akin to a nuclear explosion.

    Quote Originally Posted by LoneNecromancer View Post
    Well, in his defence, he didn't want to kill Superboy, that was the compromise he had to end up making to save Nightwing.
    On a different note, this kinda highlights why TT failed and the X-Men survived as major team concepts. Marvel has by now set the X-Men us as a team the more or less overshadows the Avengers in most things, DC on the other hand appears to see TT as little more than a place where they can get bodies to make events matter.

    Quote Originally Posted by Batmite2012 View Post
    If I was doing the CYBORG series. I would give him a second name like "Cyborges". And I would incorporate story elements that pay homage to Jorge Luis Borges' fiction (You know, what Grant Morrsion tried to introduce to Batman Inc. before he was overruled by the odious Bob Harras? Yes, of course you do). In fact, I would combine concepts from Borges AND Philip K. Dick. Cyborg's entire family are revealed to be very human-like Androids, Batman knew but he thought the denouement would be funny. One issue would deal with Cyborg's interview on Fox and Fiends or "Steve Douchey and his Douchey Douches"(PKD reference).
    Sorry, but that sounds absolutely horrible.

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    Cyborg ongoing... yes, please... with Raven on top.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skyvolt2000 View Post
    And judging by their track record with giving African American males a decent creative team-I highly doubt it's going to be a decent book.

    And what is that track record?

    Green Lantern Mosaic: axed despite decent due to editors (including an assistant editor that would help get another book axed in 2012)
    Black Lighting-editor vs writer war
    Steel-funny how you leave a book alone and it can last 52 issues
    Firestorm-hard to define since it had Firestorm fans divided. At least it got 3 years.
    Azreal-18 issues and left alone
    Batwing-not good when you are the lowest selling in the Bat line
    Mr. Terrific-Can we keep Eric Wallace away from comics?
    Firestorm-was the original Firestorm creative team that busy not to do this series?
    Static-Do we EVEN need to go there with bad editors, writer and artist?

    So they are 5 for 9 with failures that were NOT fan driven but internally driven.

    I don't see Cyborg getting it unless fans start NOW demanding that if and when that Cyborg book comes out. No ONE who had a hand in screwing up Static and Terrific are on that book. Nor will inferior artwork will be acceptable.

    In fact who is the "best" talent? That could do this book justice? We have heard about best talent working on books and fans of Static, Terrific, Teen Titans, Hawk & Dove, Deathstroke, Hawkman, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, John Stewart, Starfire, Supergirl and others would gladly debate that with you.
    I think its far from that simple any book or potential has the potential to be successful, but there are several deciding factors. There have been successful black comics in the past, that have run for many issues. So the theory black comics don't sell is really a terrible fallacy.

    As for Batwing you have to take this into account. He is the least known out of all the Batfamily characters with ongoings so its understandable his title is selling lower, however, after seven issues he is still selling in the top 100, not counting digital sales. That is something to be commended.

    The comic market is not good right now, its really hard to push non B-list characters or new characters even with good teams, unless they are in a team book or are a member of the Batfamily.

    Aside from Robin, Cyborg has the most exposure cartoon wise for young DC heroes. He is a known quantity. And comic wise he has been around for over two decades he has some exposure. I think you have to give it time. He is a character with potential for numerous reasons. Yeah his solo could tank but it does have the potential to be a hit, and I think its wise for DC to keep laying the ground work. There's a lot of factors that go into issues.

    Most characters aren't fortunate enough to have amassed a fanbase due to the fact the characters have been around for over 70 years like Superman and Batman and the other golden age characters. DC's kind of gotten by with making a bunch of sidekicks and derivative characters and allowing them to ride legacy heroes coat tails. Its not easy to push stand alone non-B list heroes in this market, but I'm trying to remain optimistic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MuhollandDriver View Post
    Maybe they weren't present because there aren't as many "foaming at the mouth feminists" as people like to believe? Many people, feminist or not, have expressed their dislike of the changes in an intelligent manner. No one expressed their dislike of the change at C2E2. That doesn't validate or invalidate anything.
    It could also be that the dissenters on message boards are a loud minority. Obviously, they're not the only ones buying the book anymore. From what I read, the whole audience seemed to applaud Azzarello. He's doing something right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Holmes View Post
    So it's DC's Admantium?
    No, it's much more like DC's Vibranium (as is Nth Metal).

    Depleted Promethium is extremely durable, like Adamantium, but active or volatile promethium absorbs and amplifies energy, as well as emitting energy. It even creates superhumans, with exposure (See: The Hybrid).

    As mentioned, Inerton from the Legion of Superheroes lore is more like Adamantium.
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    what back issues stories would you all recommend for a DC reader? I recently started reading the Batman books, Green Lantern, Justice League, Aquaman and Teen Titans books of the new 52. I want to pick up some old stories that are still relative to the new 52 continuity.

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    For Batman, you can pick up any of the really classic Batman stuff and assume it is relevant; stuff like Batman Year One, Batman Dark Knight Returns, Batman The Long Halloween, Batman Dark Victory. All of those are classic stories.

    I would highly recommend you pick up the entire Grant Morrison Batman run, starting in Batman and Son and going forward. That is going to be continued/followed up in the upcoming Batman Incorporated v2 (part of the second wave of titles)

    For Green Lantern, the entire Johns run is in continuity; Starts with GL Rebirth, then goes through GL: No Fear and plenty more that they probably have online labeled somewhere.

    Justice League's best run was Grant Morrison's JLA run, which you can buy in all sorts of formats; Deluxe, or individual TPBs. New Frontier isn't in continuity, but it's the best JL story of all time, and you can get that in back issue format.

    Aquaman has a very celebrated run by PAD, not sure if it is collected. He played a big part in Brightest Day, which was by the same creative team as the current ongoing, as well.

    Teen Titans' has one very big celebrated run that is no longer in continuity, by Wolfman and Perez, and another less celebrated but still well loved run that also appears to be out of continuity, by Geoff Johns and Mike McKone.
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    I picked up Detective comics and i have enjoyed it so far. I find the Bat books to be boring since the new 52 (along with a lot of the "Icons" from DC since the new 52), But i i like Detective it has always been my favorite batman comic.


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