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    Dead in a comic does not mean dead. No matter what THEY say.


    I would have to stop reading Marvel comics ...maybe forever. If such a stupid and asinine thing were to happen, I would be gone!

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    Which Ultimate characters are worthy of "rescue" as it were? Obviously, like someone stated earlier. original characters like Nick Fury and Miles Morales...any others that are so un-like their 616 counterpart that they would be worthy of making it to the 616.

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    i wouldnt mind spider-woman, nick fury and miles leaving the ultimate universe for 616 everyone else can bite it

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    How about a team up between Miles and 616 Peter?

    On second thought, Marvel would never be so stupid to do something like that. Surely?

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    god i hate crossovers...... and it doesnt even really seem like miles and peter are going to the 616 universe or the ultimate universe. it looks like they are going somewhere else, where venom is still eddie brock? so maybe they both go to a different dimension all together and have to work together to get back to their respective dimensions? ......its definitely not the ultimate universe because all the bad guys are the 616 versions..... wow this looks really REALLY stupid. what happend to the street level 13 year old who cant even shoot webs and has to be back to school before bedtime? oh hes now traveling through other dimensions so 616 spidey can show him how to webswing....... STUPID! why couldnt stark just give him webshooters???? interdimensional stuff should be left for interdimensional characters. not street level 13 year olds.

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    Yes, I can think of one. To kill off Miles and give Peter his place as Spider-Man back. Only Peter can be Spider-Man. PETER FOR EVAH!!!!

    If you read long enough to read through this and read this, what I say above is not true. What I think should happen, instead of a horrible crossing over storyline is another universe where all the characters that died before are actually still alive from the Ultimate Universe. Then, if you had to get rid of the Ultimate Universe, then you have a back-up to kill off your characters in an even WORSE way! Loeb, I refuse to let you come back. NEVAH!
    "Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely."

    "With great power comes great responsibility."


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