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    Default How Big Will "The Avengers" Be?

    Early tracking shows "The Avengers" movie making $125 million in its opening weekend. SPINOFF checks how that matches the other Marvel movies, and whether we should expect even more.

    Full article here.

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    It will easily be the first Marvel film to compete with Spidey and/or Iron Man for gross. I know this is the first film in years that I've decided I'm going to brave the crowds and see on opening day. Even my girlfriend wants to see it. She's not exactly anti-superhero but she's just as excited as I am after I forced her to sit down and watch Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and Hulk one week. Who knows what the final gross will be but I'm sure it will be a top five film for the year along with the third Batman film. I also think Amazing Spider-Man will at least make Superman Returns numbers.

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    It will definitely be a big hit. It won't be this epic box office smash I've seen some people predict.


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