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I don't think that's really "ignoring", though, since Morrison himself played up the whole idea that the Joker changes his personality constantly. To me, The Joker's goals in The Black Mirror and what he did in Tec 1 fell in line with the way he reinvented himself in Morrison's run, which he did twice and planned on doing a third time just in that run. There was his standard personality as he had been written for a while in the very beginning of the run, the "Clown at Midnight", the "Gravedigger", and then he planned on becoming a superhero himself in the absence of Batman before getting punched in the face.
I meant ignoring the superficial changes. So like if we see him again and he has no scars, the face lift will be the excuse.

Although that doesn't make sense to me as I don't think that would do anything about the scars, and also he did slice his tongue in half and I'm sure a face lift wouldn't help that.