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    I had stopped reading pretty much all DC books prior to the reboot. The last few books i read before the reboot were Teen Titans, and Power Girl. After the reboot im reading and enjoying, Teen Titans, New Guardians, Red Lantern and JLA. So I guess I like all the characters in those books, though in JLA im not exactly attached to any of thsoe characters just yet as that is the only book in which i read them and it doesn't really focus that much on them it seems.
    Rogue and Bishop's daughter would be called Discharge, and she'd touch people and drain all or some of their bioelectrical energy out of them causing them to either die or fall unconscious. She could then use this energy to extend her own life, heal herself, enhance her physical abilities (speed, strength, stamina,) or discharge it as various energy beams.

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    Swamp thing , who i always hated.
    Red Hood and arsenal
    wonder woman
    resurrection man
    suicide squad, deadshot, harley quinn
    Blue Beetle
    jonah hex

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    - Barbara Gordon as Batgirl. I always love her, I loved her in her Oracle persona, but for me Barbara is always going to be Batgirl.
    - I was Afraid I might not like Supergirl, she is one of my fav characters and i was finally enjoying her solo tittle. But this new tittle is cool too.
    - Jason Todd. I never really cared for him, but i like him now.
    - I hoping this new 52 is the change to bring back Terra (Tara, I still donīt know if itīs her in Revagers) and Omen (Really hoping is Lilith,and she was referenced in Red Hood and the Outlaws)
    - Caitlin Fairchild, i liked her, and I love her coming to the mainstream.
    - Mera, Love her having some spotlight.
    - Aquaman, I never took him seriouly, but now I love him and his Tittle.
    - Superboy, I always hated him, but i found myself enjoying this new tittle.
    - Ravager, I liked her before, but i find her more interesting now.

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    I had a weird disliking of pelicans before Nu52
    but Pelican man has shown me the light
    A Happy supporter of Indie comics and B-list heroes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reginleif View Post
    Supergirl- Always thought she was uninteresting and dressed far to slutty to be taken seriously. Now I understand she is a little angel
    You REALLY shouldn't slut shame. It's extremely disrespectful to women.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotSuper View Post
    You REALLY shouldn't slut shame. It's extremely disrespectful to women.
    In the next sentence I recanted my views though...Besides there is a difference in calling someone a slut for having sex or using birth control, and dressing in a short skirt and tank top while flying in public.

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    God bless mini-skirts and the gals that wear them. All I gotta say about that.

    Anyways, I rarely "hate" any comic book characters, but the New52 has made me a fan of Superboy, Aquaman and Swamp Thing. I had zero interest in these characters until now.


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