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    Default Epic comebacks from behind

    We've seen it before. The antagonist has the hero down right where he wants him/her. All hope is lost. Game over, man!

    But then, seemingly out of nowhere, the hero musters up the last bit of fight he has left and makes an EPIC comeback and ultimately wins the fight.

    Nacho VS Ramses

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    Goku vs Piccolo at the 23rd Budokai.

    Piccolo made damn sure his win wasn't going to spoiled by minor things that could give Goku an advantage and took out all his limbs unlike King Piccolo, who left Goku with one and ended up dead for it. Then he fires a shot that's sure to kill Goku...And Goku learned how to fly at the last second and headbutts him.

    ...What's awesome is that not only did Goku save the world from Piccolo but this made him the official winner of the tournament, which was Goku's goal (Goku practically asked for no help and applied the rules of a tournament match in pretty much a fight that decides Earth's fate).
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    every Hulk Hogan match
    Rocky IV
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    Well, I was watching this movie last night and the male lead, who you thought was down and out after the shellacking the lead woman put on him, appears behind her and.......wait one sec.

    <rereads OP>

    ......Wow. That was almost embarrassing.
    Transient just likes to do that.

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    Terezi and Vriska. Even though it was all mindgames up to the actual stab.
    A Flock of Sheep.
    A Pack of Wolves.
    An Inconvenience of Heroes.


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