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DC's mainstream stuff was mostly quite bad, but with some great bright spots;

Morrison's JLA
Robinson's Starman
Robinson's The Golden Age
Ennis' Hitman
Simonson's Orion
Waid's Kingdom Come
Ostrander's Spectre
Resurrection Man
Good list. I'd add Peyer's Hourman, but otherwise that's the creme of the 90s.

I do differentiate DC's output from the early 90s, which was mostly crass garbage. DC was all about carpetbagging the shock storytelling of the era to create whatever sales it could - death of Superman, Knightfall, Emerald Twilight, Zero Hero, etc. Basically - "Let's crap on ourselves and see if people notice!"


But late 90s DC? Some really great stuff, especially wherever writers like Morrison or Waid were involved.