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    Default Artifacts #16 Discussion

    Man as always, i am amazed at Stepan Sejic's art. Its beautiful, feels like im looking at a painting.
    -Jackie made the Angelus weaker by making it a hive mind
    -Tom is keeping the Rapture
    -Tilly is hot
    -So now Tom, Tilly and Danni are on to Jackie
    -Next issue The Darkness vs The Rapture!!!! (I expect a curbstomp by Jackie )

    How many issues do you guys think it will be before we see Jackie vs The Top Cow universe? Changing the subject, Tom is becoming one of my favorite characters.

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    LOVING THI SERIES moving a little slow is my only complaint but i can look at stepan sejics art 247 so its all good :)
    here is one of my fav images by him


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