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    Default is the justice league watchtower the collecters ship?

    Just hot done reading action #8 and the ending seems to show the collecters ship still in orbit. And in JL #7 the watch tower is in space. Not sure I feel about the justice league reliance in enemy tech (it makes sense giving its only been five years).
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    Well, it does make sense as to how they have a watchtower so relatively quickly (building ANYTHING in space takes a long time and a LOT of resources). At least it's better explained than in the JL cartoon where they just write it off as Bruce's wealth. Seriously, I don't think even Bruce is THAT rich to build something THAT big and advanced in space.

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    I was wondering about this too. It would make sense. If I remember correctly, in one of the early JLA issues someone asks Superman where he goes to be alone, as it was odd they were hiding out in a warehouse. So perhaps Supes decided to open it up to the team after he reprogrammed it. It could make for an interesting story if the Brainiac programming gets out and traps them in their own tower. I wonder if this will be addressed.

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    To be fair not only do they have Batman's wealth (which might as well be limitless), they also have Superman's strength and his and Flash's speed. Lantern could chip in too. Presumably with that you could have it up in a few months.

    That being said, yeah it seems lightly that Brainiac's ship is the new JL headquaters. Superman said himself in issue 6 (I think) that him and the Legion were in his first fortress of solitude. Plus I can't see them going without the Ice Fortress for very long.

    I think Morrison said he was going to have an issue with the Justice League in it, maybe it's him handing the ship over to them.
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    *puffs up chest* I mentioned this a little while ago:

    It would be cool if that's what happens. Another little bit of world-building going on, explaining stuff that was just sort of glossed over before - like how so much kryptonite got to Earth, for example.

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    [i]Action[i] 8 is set five years ago and pre-dates the events in the first arc in [i]Justice League[i].

    The likely (in-story) situation is that Kal didn't trust The Bat, GL or Flash [i]at that point in time[i] (understandably) and so took them to the disused printing press.

    The likely (real-life) position is that Johns didn't know that Morrison was going to have Kal take control of The Collector's ship.

    As for it being The League's headquarters, I think that's unlikely; rather, after a year or so of team activity they probably decided to set up the headquarters using Waynetech, GL resources, Kal and Barry.


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