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    Default Brian Cronin's Gwen Stacy clone blog

    I'm surprised this wasn't mentioned yet, but last April 7 Brian Cronin decided to feature the debacle that is the cloning of Gwen Stacy, retcons and all, in his Abandoned An' Forsaked feature. More info here.
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    Conway wanted to really put an end to the Peter/Gwen thing. We never should have seen the Gwen clone after she walks away. Her reappearance was when everything got extremely convoluted regarding the Gwen clone.
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    I completely agree with Kevin here. I just don't understand why he felt the need. The clone had been gone for over a decade with nary a mention of her. The status quo was pretty well settled. A clone is not the same person, despite almost being the same person. Gwen clone is not the woman Peter loved, she goes off to be on her own, Peter goes off to be with Mary Jane (eventually). It was fine.

    I mean, it'd be one thing if it was part of a Spidey rogue plan, or even if it was a really good guest villain, but it wasn't either, and things like the High Evolutionary's motives felt forced.
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