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    Default Peter Panzerfaust 3

    Really strong issue. There were a lot of big characters that appeared in the issue, as well. Art was on point, but maybe not as great as the first two issues. I do really love how Peter is able to keep things so jovial with his gang of lost boys, though.

    For me, the part where Peter had a sword fight with an important person really took me back to be childhood when I was watching the cartoon or reading books about Peter Pan. I really loved it.

    Overall, awesome issue.
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    This series really does take me back to being a kid. I guess I've always loved the Peter Pan story, but this take is something fresh and surprisingly enjoyable. I picked the first one up as a sort of curiosity and after seeing good reviews. I haven't regretted it since. The third issue delivers the same fun, quick read that the first two did with even more references to the original tale.

    I thought I might end up dropping this, but they keep me coming back. Well done, Image.
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    Mine's still in the post. Buying comics online might be the better financial option, but the waiting sucks.

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    I really enjoy this book a lot. MNRoyal pretty stated how I feel about the book. Down for the long run!!!
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    I just bought and read the first 3 issues. Its a fun, different series but i cant wait to see what its about,grow story wise.
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    I managed to get all three issues yesterday and read them all in one sitting. I'm loving the series, can't wait for the next issue! I don't usually try out Image titles (only Morning Glories, Mind the Gap and Saga so far), but this is great so I'm in for the long haul.

    Kurtis, I know you read these forums sometimes, so just thought I'd say great job! You're helping to convert me into a creator-owned fanboy.
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