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    Default Post-Siege Trade Timeline

    I am trying to put together a grand trade-paperback timeline for the Marvel metastory and am currently working on the Heroic Age / Fear Itself / Avengers vs X-Men section. Here is what I have put together so far, can anyone tell me if there is anything I missed / misplaced / should take out? The general mandate for getting in is its either good, necessary to the overall story, or ideally both.

    Avengers Prime
    Fantastic Four by Hickman vol. 2
    (F4: #575-578)
    Secret Warriors vol. 5: Night
    (SW: #20-24)
    Avengers vol. 1
    (A: #1-6)
    Thunderbolts: Cage
    (TB: #144-147)
    Avengers Academy vol. 1: Permanent Record
    (AA: #1-6)
    X-Men: Second Coming
    (UXM: #523-525, NM: #12-14, XML: #235-237, XFc: #26-28, mini)
    Fantastic Four by Hickman vol. 3
    (F4: #579-582)
    Shadowland: Thunderbolts
    (TB: #148-151)
    Chaos War
    New Avengers vol. 1
    (NA: #1-6)
    Avengers Academy vol. 2: Will We Use This in the Real World?
    (AA: #7-14)
    Fantastic Four by Hickman vol. 4
    (F4: #583-588)
    Avengers vol. 2
    (A: #7-12, 12.1)
    Uncanny X-Force vol. 1: The Apocalypse Solution
    (UXF: #1-4)
    Wolverine vol. 1: Wolverine Goes to Hell
    (W: #1-5)
    Thunderbolts: Violent Rejection
    (TB: #152-157)
    FF vol. 1
    (FF: #1-5)
    Uncanny X-Force vol. 2: Deathlok Nation
    (UFX: #5-7, 5.1)
    New Avengers vol. 2
    (NA: #7-13)
    Daredevil by Waid vol. 1
    (DD: #1-6)
    Secret Avengers vol. 3: Run the Mission, Donít Get Caught, Save the World
    (SA: #16-21)
    X-Men: Schism
    Secret Warriors vol. 6 Wheels Within Wheels
    (SW: #25-28)
    Fear Itself
    Thunderbolts: Fear Itself
    (TB: #158-162)
    Uncanny X-Men: Fear Itself
    (UXM: #540-544)
    Fear Itself: Avengers
    (A: #13-17, NA: #14-16)
    Fear Itself: Avengers Acedemy
    (AA: #15-20, 14.1)
    Fear Itself: Journey Into Mystery
    (JIM: #622-626)
    Fear Itself: Invincible Iron Man
    (IIM: #504-509)
    Journey Into Mystery: Fear Itself Fallout
    (JIM: #626.1, 627-630)
    Shattered Heroes
    Uncanny X-Force vol. 3: The Dark Angel Saga Book 1
    (UXF: #8-13)
    Thunderbolts: The Great Escape
    (TB: #163-168)
    FF vol. 2
    (FF: #6-11)
    Uncanny X-Force vol. 4: The Dark Angel Saga Book 2
    (UXF: #14-18)
    Uncanny X-Men vol. 1
    (UXM: #1-6)
    New Avengers vol. 3
    (NA: #16.1, 17-23)
    Avengers vol. 3
    (A: #18-24)
    Fantastic Four: Forever
    (F4: #600-605)
    Daredevil by Waid vol. 2
    (DD: #7-10, 10.1 ASM: #677)
    Avengers: The Childrenís Crusade
    FF vol. 3
    (FF: #12-17)
    Secret Avengers vol. 4: The Descendants
    (SA: #21.1, 22-25)

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    Thatīs just great! Im just after Siege on my PB/HC collection. I had an awesome pdf, with a chart and everything, positioning every comicbook of every series synced in their actual time. I got the computer on a pc repair shop, so I hope to have it back soon and maybe upload for you.

    Good work indeed.


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