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    Quote Originally Posted by Omegalith View Post

    This thread, I...
    Hee hee

    Okay, bottom line-Wolvie and Spidey could starve to death. If your a human (or mutie or Kryptonian) your body requires food, water, and air to survive, no matter what powers/abilities you may have unless your power is to be able to survive without the basic necessities.

    Wolvie could eat himself if he chose to do so, but I think he'd choose to dig for grubs before turning into a wendigo (it's a canuck thing)...

    Spiderman would die before Wolvie but he could spin webs and start catching insects...

    Supes could starve unless he turned all-star and went to live inside the sun. At that point, he's evolved beyond the need for sustenance...

    Captain Marvel is enchanted. He doesn't need to eat but Billy Batson does...

    And Flash needs to eat-unless he evolves doing that speedforce thingy.
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