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    Quote Originally Posted by MrV View Post
    Ha! I was about to mention the same too!

    Reed is technically an immortal as well. Seeing Ben being one too makes it an interesting dynamic.

    I wonder if now that Ultimate Ben Grimm came out of his rocky exterior (nothing but a cocoon) and became a purple cosmic entity he will also be immortal.
    You're assuming 616 is going to match Ultimate at all, which has never been the point of the Ultimate universe.

    From this issue it looks like 616 Reed isn't immortal as he dies one day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nosocialize100 View Post
    I got the impression that this was Hickman's last little hurrah. Probably a little love letter that will be forgotten.
    Quote Originally Posted by nosocialize100 View Post
    Anyone else think this story was a tad too "cute"?
    Not at all. I though that it compared very favorably to Lee and Kirby's classic "This Man, This Monster" from FF 51, as they are both very touching tales that explore the humanity of Ben Grimm and the friendship between Reed and Ben.

    "Forgotten"? Hardly. This issue and the Franklin birthday issue will be the single issues that people will look back on as defining Hickman's run.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HeroxMatt2.0 View Post
    I really enjoyed this issue, but it does it feel like filler to anyone else?
    No, it felt like a 1 issue story. Dismissing those as "filler" is wrong-headed.
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