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    Default Glory #25 Preview

    It's out tomorrow but here's a preview. Major spoilers according to Keatinge. I just looked at the art since I'll read it later.

    This title hasn't really pulled me in yet but this looks pretty awesome.
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    It's going to be hell waiting for my lunch break to rush to my lcs
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    Just finished issue #25. It was interesting but I honestly don't feel like Glory is doing enough for me each month to warrant buying it. Keatinge seems to just promise "more ultra-violence!" I might drop this title.
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    I actually really dug this. I was a little less into the last issue since it just seemed to be biding its time, but now the series has really stated its thesis about who the characters are and where the story is going. And it seems like it's going to a pretty interesting place. I especially like that it takes Riley, who seemed at first like the boring audience surrogate character who experiences all of Glory's adventures with wonder and grounds her in reality, and turns her purpose in the book on its head.


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