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    Default Palmiotti & Gray Bring Triggergirl 6 to "Creator Owned Heroes"

    CBR spoke with "All-Star Western" and "The Ray" writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti about joining forces with Steve Niles to produce an anthology series for their creator-owned characters.

    Full article here.

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    I already have signed for this title. An anthology book from one of the best US publisher is always something very exciting. And in this case, the stories are completely new. They are not reprints published in an oversized format like the CLiNT mag.

    About the format: 2 x 11-story pages is a correct standard to hook or not the reader. It is the best exercise to see the skills of the writer. You can put aside the art because here, it is 100% experimental so, we may have various art designs/styles. But the story in itself might be interested enough to really attach the potential readers to this "hybrid".

    About the extras, we will see. I hope to not see a lot of stoopid blahblahblahblablah and meh subjects. Mesah do not have Jar-Jar Binks head. Mesah young Padawan.

    And who knows, if the readers want more story pages, there is enough room in this hybrid to put a third story. Yup.

    So, yeap, I signed for it!!!!

    Try it!!! It is only $3.99. The price of a crap/shit Marvel comic book full of ads or the standard price for an indy company comic book without the same marketing processes like a big one.

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    I'll definitely check it out. Phil Noto art is a no brainer in my book.


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