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Thread: Why Batman?

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    I think it's significant that while someone like Superman stays relatively jammed in his character, Batman is capable of great evolution without actually changing altogether. Dumb Adam West version, Goddamn Batman Frank Miller version, slightly camp 90's film batman version, hardcore but not deadly animated series batman, He can evolve and shift with the times. He is immortal.

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    For me, it's hard to nail down one aspect, but here goes:

    He has cool gadgets and inventions.

    He is one ofthe best fighters in any comics universe.

    He is one of the most brilliant heroes in comics.

    And was he born with special powers? Did he land here from another planet? Did he get some super steroid? Nope. He worked and worked and worked to become what he is. But, at a VERY high cost. He saw his parents murdered and sacrificed what many consider to be the best years of a person's life to become what he is.

    As such, he is dour, somewhat socially inept, untrausting, and desparately in need of relationships that could help him be more grounded. Yet, he constantly pushes those types of people away or treats them like trash.

    And I used to read to see the times when he WOULD allow himself to love and be loveable.

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    I'd say the same reason Superman, Spider-Man, et al do: they're awesome.
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    I don't really know. I mean, I prefer his supporting cast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunbird View Post
    Bat Shark-repellent Spray.


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    Having the most intresting rogues gallery certainly helps.

    That, and Batman is cooler than the other side of the pillow.

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    Batman lives in a dark city with some very colorful characters.

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    He seems like an ideal we can aspire to (with a little effort and a whole lot of money).

    We could do some of the things he does . . . standing up for the down-trodden, righting the wrongs of common criminals and thugs.
    With Superman, it's more like "I could do that . . . if I was born on another planet and had his amazing powers."
    With Batman, it's more like "I could do that . . . if I had the guts to try."

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    Because he is human with no special super powers and uses his brain and brawn to thwart evil all day everyday.
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    I think its the ease to understand him. His parents are killed in front of him and Batman is the response. I think everyone can imagine what that may feel like. Putting on a Batsuit maybe not so much but the motivation is one of the clearest in comic history. Superman's not so much, an alien... of course he would fight for justice. Amazon princess... of course she would stand for truth. Uncle dead... of course you would stop criminals. Its the combination of parents, death and a need, if not to make sense of it to stop it from happening to others. And that plays in almost every setting you could place him in. Past, present and future.


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