View Poll Results: Which Bat-titles will you be picking up in July?

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  • Batman, Incorporated #3

    55 61.11%
  • Batman #11

    65 72.22%
  • Detective Comics #11

    19 21.11%
  • Batman: The Dark Knight #11

    24 26.67%
  • Batman and Robin #11

    40 44.44%
  • Batwoman #11

    36 40.00%
  • Batwing #11

    28 31.11%
  • Batgirl #11

    30 33.33%
  • Birds of Prey #11

    32 35.56%
  • Catwoman #11

    15 16.67%
  • Nightwing #11

    37 41.11%
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws #11

    24 26.67%
  • Batman: Arkham Unhinged #4

    3 3.33%
  • Batman Beyond Unlimited #6

    14 15.56%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Theozilla View Post
    I wonder if the Poison Ivy subplot in Birds of Prey is going to tie into the Swamp Thing plot of The Rot attacking the Parliament of Trees? Like will Poison Ivy save the Parliament from burning?
    it'd be a couple of months late, but I like the fact that they really are making it all connected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Little MY View Post
    This is the first time Birds of Prey has had an amazing cover, you know one that will actually sell books. Canary looks a little too tied up.
    If you ask me, it still has not had a good cover...

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    I hope Blackfire stabs Outlaws in the back. Or front.

    Getting Batwoman, Birds of Prey (that cover looks so bland, it totally matches Canary's bored expression), Batman Inc and maybe Outlaws, depending on my mood.

    Wow, that'll be a lot of Bat-books 4 me.

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    Batwing, batman , nightwing,batman beyond for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cavemold View Post
    Really? i love it. The dragon gangster is awesome. Nightwing looks drawn well to me, batwing armor is not the best though.THe sybmol could be better

    oh the dragon dude looks cool, but as for Nioghtwing and Batwing there not necessarily bad but I'm use to outstanding art with this title

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    Quote Originally Posted by FHIZ View Post
    I wouldn't look too much into there being a question mark on the Batwoman cover, it's just the symbol Medusa uses, as seen in the most recent of issues.

    Ah, thanks. That's a relief.
    Pull list:
    Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Worlds' Finest, My Little Pony, The Flash, Birds of Prey, Batman '66

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Ray II View Post
    The first arc was slow to build, even unnecessarily. That being said, it did have some really nice moments. I certainly wouldn't consider it the weakest link in this line-up. I still think Jason is going to shut Damian down hard, though.
    Of the Bat books I'm getting I count it as the weakest though so I suppose it's all a matter of opinion. Others mileage may vary but I've found it overall to not be very entertaining to me even with some very nice moments. I do agree that Jason will kick Damian's butt hard but I probably won't bother buying it unless something drastic happens in #10 to change my opinion of the book and I'm saying this as someone who is fan of Jason Todd.

    Quote Originally Posted by ArnoldoADD
    i would agree that the pacing could had been better but thats hardly a problem when the story is entertaining
    another book that has pretty good pacing is Mr Terrific and the book itself is awful
    You correct about that but I'm just not finding it entertaining enough that I can ignore the pacing problem and to top it off almost everything that happened in the story was something I saw coming. Nothing that happened here was a surprise to me and that is why I was disappointed. I was looking for something more or something different and this story, in my opinion, failed to deliver that. I would have been okay with it if the arc had been four issue but eight is a bit much when you can see the outcome long before the story is over.
    Characters come and go, revamped and revisited. But as long as you enjoyed them, remember them and continue to appreciate them, then that character, your hero or heroine, will always exist.

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    Matches Malone!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shark View Post
    And is that Holly in the Catwoman cover?
    I was going to ask the same thing. I'm kinda torn on that one, I want her back to ground Selina the way she used to, but I'm not sure I want Sexy Dirty Sexy Tourette's Winnick writing her.
    "Man invented language to satisfy his deep need to complain" Steven Pinker

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    Batman 11
    Batman Inc 3
    Nightwing 11

    TDK 11 - going to give Huriwitz a chance, at least the first arc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RonnieThunderbolts View Post
    BATWING #11
    BATGIRL #11
    Ooh, i like that cover .

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    Quote Originally Posted by minasithil View Post
    On that note, am I the only one who really hates the art in Nightwing? Especially the covers? I mean it's not bad persay, but it just doesn't work for me. They can never seem to decide how big/low the symbol is and he has these weird grimaces and I don't even know.
    Initially i wasn't a fan, but Barrows has actually impressed me. That said i get what ur saying with the fluctuation chest sizes, and grrr faces. And on average the covers aren't very good, minus a couple exceptions like 8 and 10. Not to mention repeated mid issue fill ins. Still, Barrows interiors been the best ive seen from him. Just wish he could do a full issue.

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    I'm pleasantly surprised that "Night of the Owls" proper will only be 4 issues in the Batman book. I expected it to be 6, or 7 to match the length of the first collected edition. (Though the whole saga is really issues 1-11 of the series, I guess...) I'm dubious about Snyder, but his story is fun enough for me to keep buying the series. VERY glad that the "Night" is only going to last a third of a year rather than half of the year, though.

    On the other hand, GROAN that issue #11 of Batwoman still lacks JH Williams art, is still in the "Drown the World" arc, and is still going on about the missing children stuff.

    Inc. looks great.

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    Inc., Batman, TDK and Batman Beyond for me. I really can't continue to get B&R because it seems superfluous when Inc. is back even though it's a solid title. Batwing seems to be wasting it's setting which is its greatest asset as a title. I'm willing to give Batman Beyond another chance because I like the direction the last couple of chapters have taken (bringing in Lucius Fox. Jr., did not care about bringing back Tim Drake).

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    batman, inc.

    batman: dark knight
    batman & robin


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