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    Quote Originally Posted by Beadle View Post

    I don't know what the impact of bigger suns is on Supes' power.
    Wait a few weeks, it's sure to change at the next reboot anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holacik View Post
    Just to point out it was a Solar System and not a Galaxy. Also Mxy's sneezing powder was involved so...
    Given it was a big ass sneeze and he can move planets just by blowing(not like blowing with full force or anything either, also IIRC he did that as a teenager)'s not really a stretch to say he could do that. It also wasn't a huge galaxy or even a huge solar system. Mxy also really wouldn't have to power Supes up in order to accomplish his goals. His goal obviously being to have Supes sneeze and destroy Earth, and the guy had more then enough power to do that a dozen times over without any amping necessary. Though it's certainly possible Mxy was just going for maximum overkill.

    Though it would be nice to see the entire comic instead of a scan or two. I can see people calling shenanigans on it, but the thing is it's not really any more insane then other Silver Age Supes feats. If you removed the magical sneezing powder from the equation, I don't think anyone with any knowledge of PC Supes would question it or be surprised by it. It would just be another crazily insane feat in a long line of crazy insane feats.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Surtur View Post
    It's hard to give specific issues, I'd have to re-read through all my comics again. Though I think we can both agree that he has traveled to other galaxies in stories via flight, and that it didn't take him years or even a single year. There was a storyline where he travels to another galaxy and tells us he was able to hold his breath for months in order to make the trip.

    If you're asking about the going to a nearby galaxy in weeks, I think it might of actually just been another star system. Or it might be a really high end, non consistent feat.

    I can possibly give you an idea of the time period it happened. If you've ever seen the comic where Supes fights Doomsday and he dies and gets revived by Black Lightning? It didn't happen in that story, but it was around that time in terms of how Superman was drawn.
    You mean when Doomsday almost killed him again in Superman 175? I remember that was shortly after his training with Mongul Jr., but I certainly don't remember a mention of his flying between galaxies at that time.
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