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    Default Some questions.... about Juggernaut

    Iím a total newbie to Marvel comics. However, I got interested in Juggernaut. I've got a few questions about him. How many versions/incarnations are there and in what stories/comics do they show up? And how would you rank them in their power level. Any suggestions would be nice because i have no damn clue where to start with...

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    one of the best juggernaut storylines is in amazing spider-man #229-230 "Nothing can stop the Juggernaut" from 1982
    there is a arc from 2009 titled "something can stop the juggernaut" i didnt read it but i just thought id mention it

    if u want a story witch explores more of the back history of the being Cyttorak that gives him his powers check Dan Jurgen's Thor vol.3
    it collects a crossover of thor, ironman, spiderman the arc is titled the Eighth day it deals with the juggernaut and other persons possesd by various gods including Cyttorak atempting to bring about the end of the world, it is a ok crossover, but there are several scenes witch really show cain markos Strength of will, he single handedly resist the will of a demonic god, unlike any of his fellow avatars.

    if your unaware, after the recent event Fear Itself the x-man Colossus is now the Juggernaut, Cyttorak abandoned marko after he was taken over by one of the avatars of the asgardian serpent god of fear (the main villian in fear itself)
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    Yes Cain Marko Juggernaut is in Limbo as of now
    Go get the spiderman issue mentioned already that is Juggy at his prime
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