Hey, I'm looking into figuring out the best way to sell work for the upcoming con season. After doing a lot of research, I ended up settling on doing my own prints in-house and shelled out for a six color printer with archival inks/paper. It's gorgeous and prints far better than even I expected. I've settled on printing two sizes, 8.5x11 and 13x19.

A few questions:

- The 13x19 is big. Maybe too big. Should I scale that down to a more manageable 11x17 or do you think people will appreciate the additional size (the difference in paper cost is negligible so it doesn't matter to me). At that size, it's pretty cool because it's almost like a poster-print (since it's still on the high quality print paper).

- How do you package art and prints sold to customers? I'm offering a nice product and don't want to hand them a piece of paper, whether it be a semi-gloss print or an original drawing. Do you carry mailing tubes to the convention with you? That seems awkward. I was considering buying bags and board for 9x12 and 13x19 but that starts to get pricey, upwards of $1 per print/drawing (though mailing tubes are no better and are considerably more awkward to carry around).

Thoughts? Any advice?