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    Quote Originally Posted by Jared View Post
    That and she's not a 100 pound waif.

    The rear-headbutt looks really bad, though. Not even close to connecting. She just brushed the guys face with her hair.
    I'd agree that it was weak if that was the intent, but she didn't rear-head but him, she whipped him in the face with her hair. It was a distraction so she could turn away and slam him with the chair.

    Is it silly? Yes.
    But that's par for the course really.

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    All I know was the flip with the chair was hardcore looking enough to make up for any of the weaker shots.
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    In other words, what StoneGold said.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jediracer View Post
    Do not underestimate the power of my hands! They can overcome just about any rating! I definitely cover eyes when the bad guy pulls hearts out of chests in Indiana Jones. I cover his eyes when Obi-Wan cuts the dude's arm off in the Mos Eisley cantina scene and there is a shot of a bloody, severed arm on the floor. We have watched Revenge of the Sith a few times, but I do feel compelled to cover his eyes and ears when Anakin is burnt up with arms and legs cut off and yells "I hate you!" to Obi-Wan.

    Hell, my dad took me to see Total Recall when I was 12. Three tits, anyone? lol

    In other news, the movie is still not rated.
    Oh man, you're stealing the cool bits, Temple of Doom with all of it's craziness is at it's most interesting when you're little.

    RoboCop 2, not a very good movie, but then you're in second's awesome, even better is being about to describe it to everyone later at school.


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