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    Looks like it's a "Don't call us, we'll call you" kind of thing as it pertains to Toonami airing on CN/AS.....

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    Time Show HH Total Viewers
    9.00pm King of the Hill 0.5 741,000
    9.30pm Childrens' Hospital 0.4 601,000
    9.45pm NTSF:SD:SUV 0.3 485,000
    10.00p Loiter Squad 0.3 522,000
    10.15p Check it Out 0.3 426,000
    10.30p Family Guy 0.7 1,211,000
    11.00p The Boondocks 0.7 1,134,000
    11.30p Aqua Teen Hunger Force 0.6 835,000
    11.45p Aqua Teen Hunger Force 0.6 863,000
    12.00a Bleach 0.7 1,010,000
    12.30a Dragonball Z 0.7 999,000
    1:00am Gundam Wing 0.5 806,000
    1:30am Tenchi Muyo! 0.5 773,000
    2:10am Outlaw Star 0.6 786,000
    2:42am The Big O 0.5 769,000
    3:12am Yu Yu Hakusho 0.4 706,000
    3:41am Blue Submarine No. 6 0.4 595,000
    4:20am Trigun 0.4 561,000
    4:53am Astro Boy 0.3 502,000
    5:23am Gigantor 0.3 414,000

    Ratings for April Fools. Seems like the claim that AS pulled double the numbers might be a bit off. It did a fair bit better than their usual saturday line up (a couple hundred thousand extra viewers) but still doesn't match up to weeknight ratings.
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    Those numbers are still pretty damn good for Toonami, and that's without any promotion going for it, those watching had to tell people and spread it via word of mouth so imagine what kind of ratings CN/AS could bring in if they promote the block with Toonami style advertising....

    If they did daily promotion for Toonami those ratings could easily be higher, but I'd rather them promote the shows themselves rather than promote the block, lets the shows stand on their own instead of the name of a defunct action/adventure block.


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