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    Default Spurlock on Fandom & "Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope"

    CBR spoke with documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock about his new film,"Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope," chronicling Comic-Con International in San Diego.

    Full article here.

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    I've never been to Comic Con before...I should probably turn in my Geek Card.
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    I watched the film this morning and considering I've been less than impressed with Spurlock's recent output (the Osama film was rubbish and his programme on Sky is average at best) and there's flaws with this; huge gaping flaws which left me a bit pissed off but the film as a whole is such a fun experience I ignored most of the flaws, but one or two are too big to ignore. I'll outline them as spoiler free as possible.

    One is the lack of a history and context for Comic Con. It's fine if you know about it or have went to to, but a casual viewer is going to be lost as to how this grew to what it is today and even if you do know about Comic Con as I do then I still wanted more than a brief scene explaining how it came to be.

    The second point is how uncritical the film is of the convention. Yes, there's criticism of how film and games have marginalised comics but that's about it. The rest of the time it does stray far too close into being a promo film for the convention which is a pity as I'd like to have seen more of the dealers (being an old dealer myself) and of how the comics fans feel about what obviously seems like an intrusion into 'their' world by the worlds of games and film.

    Putting these a few other problems aside, I have to say how much fun most of it is and how it does a great job of capturing the fun of these sort of events. It's also interesting from a British perspective to see this well oiled machine that Comic Con seems to be and compare it with British conventions which tend to be disorganised affairs where most of the creators are pissed and most people spend their times sitting in pubs or bars til the wee hours. Though some things are the same wherever as I've been in the same situation as the chap from Mile High Comics in the scene where he's counting his money and despairing about how badly he's doing. I've also seen far too many people like the artists in this film who think they can turn up at a convention and get a job even though the sad fact is they're not especially very good.

    So it's worth the few quid (or whatever currency) to download it and check it out. It's a good diversion for 90 minutes or so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackphoenix View Post
    I've never been to Comic Con before...I should probably turn in my Geek Card.
    I've never been to any convention. It costs like 60 bucks a ticket!
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