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    Default Shelf Life - Mar 29, 2012

    With Spring Training underway, Ron takes a look at the sense of betrayal when a franchise player heads for another field and shows it's not that different from the attachment we have for our favorite comic characters.

    Full article here.

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    Being both a Mets fan and a comic fan since the 60's this blog really touched me. I will always follow the Mets (and let's be honest the Saints for football), but comics are getting to be a different story. I personally am tired of universe wide crossovers from both companies!!!

    In the days when I truly enjoyed reading a variety of comics from both companies, both companies had only a few crossovers and rarely involved more than two to three books.

    I truly only enjoy a few books now from both Marvel and DC....Aquaman, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Green Lantern....and although I read many more books each month, the fervor that I used to have for comics is slowly fading. I find myself looking forward to more independents than Marvel and DC books (Fables, Invincible, Warlord of Mars, Irredeemable, the new Manhattan Project, the new Saga, and others).

    I'm one of the old fans who might in the next few years stop collecting a lot of current titles and simply go back and truly enjoy the past series. I still have hope for both companies but am tired of both flooding the market with the same characters (Batman and Green Lantern for DC, and X-Men, Avengers, and Spider-Man for Marvel). It simply doesn't leave room for many other books to truly succeed in today's market.

    I don't mean to sound so pessimistic and I am glad that many people are enjoying DC and Marvel today...I just need to keep looking. I will soon be down to 6 DC books (and then looking for many others at cons in dollar boxes) and around 12 Marvel books (and again looking at cons for dollar comics) current level of enjoyment doesn't make me want to pay three to seven dollars for individual comics (look at the prices of some of the annuals folks!!).

    Todd Wilson(profhaley)

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    What frustrates me is when those of another time refuse to see any merit in the heroes of a new age. Wally West as Flash and Kyle Rayner as GL did just fine! Those are my Flash and my Green lantern. now Wally is thrown into limbo, as if he'd never existed, and Kyle is in a lack luster team book that doesn't do him justice! And that horrible costume he has today makes things worse, as if (conspiracy theory, here) Didio was trying to bland out anything 90's.
    All for the love of the Silver age DC. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy the current Hal Jordan run on Green Lantern. But THIS Hal Jordan acts much differently than the Hal of the silver age. He reads like a whole new character to me.
    My point is that there is alot to appreciate from both generations, and different takes on the characters. You don't have to fly the "Hal" flag or the "Kyle" flag, and yes there should be room for change in these comic book universes.
    One more interesting example is Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch Ghost Riders. Although I realize there's another ghost rider now, I noticed that when they brought Blaze back as Ghost Rider, his look and powers suddenly owed alot to the Danny Ketch version. The ketch version was then turned into a villain for awhile, redeemed, and now who knows where he is? Another blatant attempt to ruin a '90's character in favor of a previous version? Who knows. I only know that the current Ghost Rider will probably fall victim to the same trend, yet again in favor of Blaze, because some in editorial thinks, "Hey, that's not the Ghost Rider I grew up with!" And finds a way to torpedo this character. And comics are the poorer for it


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