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    Default Enjoying Urasawa's Pluto, any recommendations for a manga newbie?

    So for the past year I've been slowly reading Urasawa's Pluto, which I've been loving! I was thinking about starting his Monster series next, but that's going out of print. The next logical choice would be 20th Century Boys, but I was curious what the board would recommend. I like science fiction and have gotten into crime/noir comics a lot (Criminal, 100 Bullets, Scalped). I've tried googling for some crime/noir manga, but haven't found much. Any ideas?

    I have to admit, one reason I like Pluto is because it's only 8 volumes, not 20-30. Are there any other shorter manga series out there like that?
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    I definitly recommend Monster if you like suspense stories. And 20th Century boys is amazing. As for shorter series, if you are looking for old-school style manga, try the various works of Osamu Tezuka. He has some longer series, such as Black Jack, a medical drama that was recently republished in english in 17 volumes. But a lot of the stuff that has been reprinted so far is one-volume stories or two-or-three volume stories.


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