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    Default Dear DC: Make DC Nation its own comics line/universe!

    Dear DC,

    I'm an adult fan (44!) who finds the DC Nation set of shows (GL and Young Justice) vastly more to my taste than the current mainstream "new 52" DCU is. While I know you have some kid-focused non-continuity comics based on those shows, have you considered just making the approach those shows have--with the less grim/dark writing style, the more classic interpretations of the characters, and even their more traditional costumes--its own comics continuity? It could be an array of comics which would appeal to the current fans of those series, which wouldn't have the whole "Joker's face ripped off and tacked onto a wall, Catwoman and Batman in full penetration on-camera, evil Amazons, Hal Jordan killing people, etc." sort of thing which makes the current mainstream DCU adults-only. It could even have the YJ version of Captain Marvel to please all of us fans of, well, Captain Marvel rather than the radically reimagined version coming out. There's nothing in the GL show and YJ to make them contradictory--Hal's and Kilowog's adventures could be taking place before or after the current array of YJ stories.

    What do you say?

    Any other fans here interested in such a thing?

    Any DC people reading this thread, please consider it?

    Thank you...

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    By the way, have you already been checking out some of the DC Kids / Johnny DC line of comic books which are aimed at a more general audience?

    Unfortunately, two really good titles (in my opinion) have recently had their final issues:

    (But the last issue of Tiny Titans just came out this month, so it should still be available.)

    There is currently the comic book based on the Young Justice animated series

    and we're also getting comic books based on the Green Lantern animated series and a lighter look at the Superman Family, done by the same guys who did Tiny Titans.

    (It's not a whole lot, but it's something.)

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    I imagine if the books that they already have sold better, they would make more of them.

    Which is not to say there's anything wrong with them, or that they sell badly, just that I can't imagine them NOT making more if there's an audience AND that it won't just move the same people off of one book and on to another, which doesn't gain them anything.

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    I'm pretty pumped for Superman Family, and I'll probably check out the GL one too.


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