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    Quote Originally Posted by One More Day View Post
    Did bite any other people? What of the lab experiment that gave that spider the ability to pass on the super powers? I feel a lot of cool stories can be mined from that
    There was a series called Tangled Web. The first arc featured a new foe called the Thousand, a group of spiders commanded by a sentient larger spider. Tha spider was actually one of Peter's bullies (A very brutal and brainless guy made Flash looked like Snowhite) back in high school. When Peter was stung by the radioactive spider, the moron collected the dead spider and actually ate it! This caused a sort of mutation that turned him into a spider that was eating people from the inside and then using the skin as cover up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mills View Post
    I think the question was what happened after the spider died. Yeah he was holding it but what then
    Probably between the panel where he is holding it and the one where he is feeling drowsy he tossed the dead spider away. What else would someone do? As we can see Peter smacked his hand where the spider bit hit, most likely hitting the specimen as well.

    Honestly Ultimate Spider-Man #1 (2000) did a better job at executing that scene. At least we saw the spider get killed by Kong, one of Peter's bullies who stepped on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by manymade1 View Post
    It's something that I think everybody should just pretend didn't happen. Garth Ennis deserves much of praise but I don't know what he was thinking at the time.
    I thought it was pretty good.
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    What Would Spidey Do?

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    he got stepped on

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmazingDaniel View Post
    He went on to become a successful security consultant, racking up quite the fortune for his family. Unfortunately, all the travel and time spent alone led him to alcoholism and gambling, where he blew all his money in a drunken stupor. He later died of liver failure and is survived by his wife and 18 children.
    You have no idea how mauch I laughed at this post. thank you for that.


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