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    Quote Originally Posted by WhitOro View Post
    I can't get past the artwork, Glory herself looks like a puzzle of different things.
    She has a big massive body, yet a cute little baby face that makes her look like a child. She has long anime style hair, yet there's still a strong american vibe in the lines. Her costume is just atrocious...

    Like, what the hell are those boots, rocket powered? They look like she stole them from a Gundam.

    I don't know, maybe I'm too nitpicky?
    Ross's is a mixture of manga, euro and american comic art, so you get a cool aesthetic vibe from those cultures. Also, the baby face isn't that bad but that's because I've read good amount of Ross's previous works and it isn't really much used, his people look pretty normal and everyone and then, baby face.
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    Fwiw, I really enjoyed this issue.


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