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    Default CBR: Dynamite Launches "Bionic Woman" Ongoing in March

    Jaime Sommers comes to Dynamite in the "The Bionic Woman" ongoing series written by Paul Tobin. The series debuts in March and features art by Leno Carvalho with a Paul Renaud cover.

    Full article here.

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    Well a big THANK YOU to Dynamite for making this series as I'm surprised it's taken this long for Jamie to make a comeback especially after that dreary tv series attempt and the never to see the light of day Rob Liefeld Jamie/Steve series "Bionix".

    I'm curious to know if this is keeping the tv origin in tact with the beautifully tragic love story.

    Fan Boy Pet Peeve - I realize it's not the 70's anymore but the hair style is still contemporary so please make Jamie's hair longer and/or make her a more beautifully drawn character overall. Lindsay Wagner as Jamie is still the stuff of tv icons!

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    Cool: I'd asume this is tied to the Bionic Man series? Didn't he call his girlfriend Jaime in that book? Has any one ever read anything by Tobin?
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    Looks an interesting title. Anything by Paul Tobin is worth checking out. Gingerbread Girl (with Colleen Coover), Marvel Adventures etc. Definitely on my to-buy list.

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    Thumbs up Alex Ross?

    PLEASE tell me that Alex Ross will be doing some alternative covers with varients for this series like he did for Kevin Smith's THE BIONIC MAN! Yeah, I'm THAT guy who tracks them down and buys one with each cover because I've got a huge Bionic merchandise and comic collection from the 70's. So, of course, I'm dying for some of Alex Ross' beautiful takes on Jaime Sommers (no offense to this cover's artist or any other artist for that matter, but no one does it like Alex Ross). That said, I'm so incredibly glad Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers are back and up to date. Kevin Smith's THE BIONIC MAN is fantastic and if they're anything like the tv series were, THE BIONIC WOMAN will be even better! I actually hope the film will get made now! ...Also, wondering if there's any chance a Bionic girl will be showing up in the future that vaguely resembles Sandra Bullock? ;-)


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