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    Post Heavy Weapon: My 80's action movie graphic novel

    A 15-page preview can be seen here:


    If you'd like to preorder, just hang on a bit longer...I will be accepting preorders via Paypal soon.



    I've been keeping details low outside of the artist and a short preview so as not to spoil anything, but I do have plans to fill out the book as much as possible. I'm trying to get some extra concept art from various artists, and such.

    Here are my goals:

    - Professional quality hardcover / softcover editions
    - Full color cover / dust jacket in high gloss laminate on the HC versions
    - Gloss enamel paper pages, if possible
    - The book will be B&W (I wanted a full color rendition done, but that's really expensive).
    - Art gallery and concept pages, possibly a 'behind the scenes documentary' of the comic/story process.
    - Page format will be 8x10 for the hardcover/LE, and the mass run will be 8.5x11 probably.
    - Estimating about 200 pages, possibly more depending on what I can cram in there. The story itself is 153 pages.
    - Bonus Extras will be included with the Munition Edition, which will be limited to no more than 250 copies.

    The reason I decided against full color is because each book will end up costing more than triple the price of B&W each to print (due to full color printing costs). If future/other prints happen, it'll likely be perfect-bound softcover only. I might have additional different covers for the first two runs, but alternate covers are more expensive and I hate passing my costs off onto buyers, so we'll see.


    Here's a sample of one of the nearly finished pages:

    ...and for comparison, this is the untouched "inked" page:


    Here's a prototype of the Munition Edition (subject to change, and probably will for the better):

    - Ammo Box Packaging
    - Character Trading Cards
    - Challenge Coins
    - Dog Tags
    - USB Bullet w/ Digital Copy of Heavy Weapon
    - Survival Knife & Chinese Dagge Bookmarks
    - Hardcover Book

    Items that may also be included, but not pictured:
    - Poster
    - Mini Book containing "Making of...", and more.
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