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    Default CBR: When Words Collide - Dec 5, 2011

    Tim returns from the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival with a truckload of comics and thoughts about 1990s-era Rob Liefeld tributes, the relationship between 'Kramers Ergot' and the DC relaunch and more.

    Full article here.

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    I read your column every week Tim, and dont post about it (and totally scream like a child when you skip a week, but I don't post that either.) Some are better than others, but I'll give ya an easy 80% fresh rating, lists or no. I didn't see anything terribly appealing at first glance on this one, but I'm a contrary guy, so I might come around. Thanks for the recommendations, keep up the good work and have a merry Christmas.

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    Talking Hello from the world's secret superheroes!


    You're my favorite writer on CBR, and probably the only reason I started reading the site. I'm a first time commenter, but I felt compelled to chime in and reassure you that people are reading your more underground focused articles! I only wish that you'd posted about the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival earlier; I only live 5 minutes away from Desert Island and didn't even know it was going on!
    Keep the articles coming for guys like me who love both Superman (All Stars preferred) and Kramer's Ergot! Believe it or not, we're out here, quietly reading CBR and never commenting. Comics are an art form- keep on reminding the world of that and the next generation of creators will flourish!

    Exclamation mark,
    Secret Superhero

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    I read your articles every week too and quite like when you diverge from the 'norm' of superheros etc.

    I suspect one of the main reasons they do get more responses here is because it's a like it/hate it discussion or an argument on placements on lists, as opposed to this particular post where you read it and just think "that sounds cool/I want me some of that!"

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    Thanks for the feedback! I wasn't actually fishing for compliments/posts but I will graciously take them and put them in my pocket for the time when my wife asks me, "who reads those columns, anyway?"

    Jesse -- you should read this week's column, because I make jokes in it and identify good comics!

    Secret-Superhero -- if you followed me on Twitter, you would have seen my mention of the event, and you should totally follow me on Twitter because I comment on comics a lot over there. Also, what makes you say I'm your favorite CBR writer? I'm just curious to see what's working for you, because I don't know what I'm doing other than writing about what interests me at the time I sit down to write.

    Preacher -- Thanks for reading! What are you buying/checking out these days that you'd recommend?
    Timothy Callahan
    CBR Staff Writer

    Reviews -- My CBR Reviews/Articles
    GeniusboyFiremelon -- My Blog

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    Yours is the only column I read regularly here - and often the only thing I find of interest on the site in a given week. Not trying to denigrate CBR, it's just that most of what they have here doesn't "grab me."

    Wanted to say that as a Black Friday gift to myself - thanks to Jeff Lester's recommendation on the Wait,What? podcast - I ordered TEOTFW #1-2 from Chuck Forsman, along with his latest issue of Snake Oil, and was completely blown away by them. I had read the first two issues of Snake Oil, and Forsman had me intrigued with this comic work, but these little 8-page chapters really had an emotional impact unlike those earlier stories. Great stuff.

    Really looking forward to getting a copy of Kramer's Ergot #8. With the economy the way it's been and the need to try and dig out of the small mound of debt I find myself in (compliment of my journey into unemployment from mid-2009 to the very end of last year - with a short stopover at the Census that was incredibly serendipitous), my buying has been almost nil. But something like this - and anything from Frank Santoro or Los Bros Hernandez - will get me to pinch enough pennies in order to have it on my shelf.

    Anyway. Thanks for sharing your report from Brooklyn. I always appreciate your thoughts on comics, and pay close attention when you write about small press and indy books.



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