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    Default CBR: The Life and Near-Death of Koyama Press

    Koyama Press has become one of the more notable small press publishers on the scene and CBR spoke with owner Annie Koyama about the company and how illness led her to publish comics.

    Full article here.

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    Annie Koyama is one of the reasons comics are still fun and interesting.

    Hats off to you, Annie. I hope your line thrives and I wish you good health.

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    One of the best efforts in the business side of the comic book world in recent years. A publisher that promotes comics as an art form, looking for that special something in creators works. A world away from the by-the-numbers approach of the major american publishers, and the mostly uninspired work that they produce. The company's offerings are a true breath of fresh artistic air. I hope they are in the business forever and keep up the great work. And nice work CBR for bringing them to the spotlight.

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    Annie is awesome. The production values on Koyama Press books are some of the nicest and her selection of projects comes off as a lot more planned out then she makes it sound. She also does a great deal behind the scenes to promote and support comics, including being a big funder of Kickstarter projects.

    I don't think that the interview had a link to it, but well worth checking out is the Kick Ass Annie gallery on flickr with well over 100 artists doing their version.

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    More love here too. Fantastic publisher in the lineage of Highwater, Beunaventura, etc. Publishes Michael De Forge's Lose series, this decade's Eightball.
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