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    This is shaping up into something quite compelling indeed. I find myself feeling for <SPOILER REDACTED> while wondering if I should feel for <SPOILER REDACTED>.

    As to <SPOILER REDACTED>, this certainly suggests that they've gone too far in pursuit of their goals. Or did they? Who knew what when? Did <SPOILER REDACTED> really do that, or was it the more grimly pragmatic <SPOILER REDACTED>. Is <SPOILER REDACTED> living a lie, or were they just getting back something that was ruthlessly denied them? (I can guess who might make that queasy, equivocating argument.) Or is the lie what's in front of us now?

    Guess we'll all have to keep reading!

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    Thanks, Omar! For more on the fate of <SPOILER REDACTED>, the final page of the chapter;

    Also introduces a new drawing technique, using all-digital inking and coloring.

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    Two new things this week; The start of a new series of text pieces;

    And an update to the Elise entry of the Wiki, complete with new all-digital image;

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