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    Default Do You Like Comics? Check This Out!

    I launched a new comic a few months ago, continuing the Ruby Saga; the new series, Ruby Nation, deals with the foundation of the adolescent super-soldier refugee state. Don't worry about the continuity, everything will make itself clear to new readers.

    Any and all feedback is desired. You can check out Ruby Nation here;

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    Default hi

    That was really a good comic.
    Update frequently, Am waiting for it.
    Really a good story, nice, I love it..............

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    Some new comics from the weekend;

    I'm also working on a Wiki for the Ruby Saga, for those who can't keep up with all the details. You'll see it shortly.

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    Well, since you said in the OP that Ruby Nation makes itself clear to new readers without needing a lot of knowledge of previous continuity, I just finished reading the prologue, Ruby In Therapy, and chapter 1, despite not yet having read all of Ruby's World. (Hadn't noticed before that the team is now 6 members). Good stuff yet again, Nitz! Elise is cool, and I'm curious about her relationship to Jiro.

    I must say that I was already happy to learn Alexis was autistic when I read RW... but I was surprised to learn that Jiro was on the spectrum too. 2 autistic heroes on one team, that's quite the bonus. As for me, I was diagnosed when I was 6 years old.
    Maybe the reason I didn't pick up on Jiro, could be that both his and Alexis' response to the situations they're in, and their interactions, are so familiar to me that I don't notice something's 'off', so to speak.

    I see you're using shades of grey now instead of colours. Is there any particular reason for this? I was enjoying the use of colour in the 'Ruby's World' chapters.

    Keep it up.

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    Thanks, CJ! You just made my day. Some responses to your points;

    1.) I'm on the spectrum too, as are several of the people closest to me. I felt it extremely important that I have complex major characters with autism, as opposed to the usual Hollywood stereotypes (such as stereotypically damaged children meant to make their parents look like saints, or amoral savants who can't tell the difference between right and wrong).

    2.) I switched to greyscale because color took much longer to do on a regular schedule. I'd be willing to switch back to colors if enough people ask for it, though it'd make the strips even harder to get out on a schedule (since I also have a day job).

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    Great characters, keep on drawing.

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