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    Default CBR: REVIEW: "Justice League Dark" #1

    Kelly Thompson gives "Justice League Dark" #1 [em]4 stars[/em] calling Peter Milligan and Mikel Janin's integration of Vertigo characters back into the DCU "well executed...edgy and modern."

    Full article here.

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    Damn spot on review by Kelly there, especially about the coloring: Fight scene good, beginning and end bland.

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    Tonally, it's an almost pitch perfect Berger Book, of the pre-Veritgo variety.

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    I loved this book, the characters were set up and the pieces set in motion. We saw why we need this branch of the Justice League and what makes them unique. The enchantress is a great villain, loved the bits with the storm of witches teeth, the rain of old books and the sentient factory. The weird threats remind me of Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol, which is a very, very good thing.
    It was a slow start, but unlike Justice league we saw the whole team and the "organic" take on team building really works and sets up subsequent issues nicely, rather than being slow and boring.
    I've never read Shade the changing man, but his appearance here really interested me and made me want to find out more about him.
    I actually liked the colouring, I thought It really fitted the book.
    This has definitely been one of the best comics of the relaunch, if not the best for me, can't wait for the next issue.

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    I'm going to buy a few more issues to see where this goes, but to be honest, I was disappointed with this book.

    The whole first issue felt like nothing but introduction, which is good, but also felt like there may be too many big characters to cram into this thing. If they continue to just jam as much as they can in every issue, things are likely to get messy. If it turns into one of those books where you gotta read 12 issues to get a substantive story, I'll just wait till the TPB comes out instead of getting the issues.

    It could still be worth it, though, if they focus more heavily on a particular character for each issue. I'm extremely excited to see much more of the Read-Headed Poet.

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    Wow. okay I know im extremely late with this but I finally managed to get a copy of JLD while I have been avoiding teasers, spoilers, reviews all week. I thought it was awesome. The art was so beautiful, I was pretty freaked out by the enchantress and we got to see shade, enchantress/june moone, Xanadu, Constantine, dead man and only mind warp is missing. Also I realised Dawn Granger was the one at the door, love the easter egg. Im still pretty annoyed with WW's boots theyre freaking red.


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