Welcome to the re-titled Vertigo forum!

This is the place to talk about DC Vertigo titles past and present

Anything published under the Vertigo imprint is fair game, this means all of Animal Man, Swamp Thing, and others recently folded into the DCU are fair game up UNTIL they were switched over, the new 52 initiative is NOT Vertigo and has no place here. Constantine in Hellblazer is a Vertigo title, him in JLA Dark is not, and so on.

As with any other board, the usual standards of ettiquette and behaviour apply:

1. Play well with others. We don't mind a little spirited discussion, but no name-calling, no personal attacks, no trolling and no flaming. No hateful or overtly sexist, racist or homophobic remarks or attacks will be tolerated. Be civil, and we'll all get along fine.

2. Keep it clean. We don't care if some of the titles have swear words in them, it's not allowed here. That goes for inappropriate images, too. Posts that contain such will either be deleted or edited at the Moderators' discretion.

3. No selling anything. That means no Ebay links, either.

4. No spoilers in thread titles. Do your best to use spoiler tags and spoiler space where applicable. That's not a rule so much as it is common courtesy.

5. No stake-claiming. If you start a thread about an issue, say something about that issue.

6. No Chat-threads. They take up too much bandwith and are monsters to police.

7. No Game threads. That means no Leagues, no Contests of Champions, no Popularity threads.

So please enjoy your stay and chat away!