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    Default CBR: 2011: A Banner Year for SPX

    The down economy didn't have much effect in Bethesda, MD as the 2011 Small Press Expo broke recent attendance records with Craig Thompson making his first appearance at the show in years.

    Full article here.

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    Smile Spx!

    Always seemed like a great show, pencilling it in for next year!!

    Any chance the SPX Anthology is coming back?

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    Obviously, this blue part here is the land...


    I'm going to have to slow down reading headlines. I totally read "A Banner Year for SPX" wrong and got all excited.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shawn brook williams View Post
    Any chance the SPX Anthology is coming back?
    As someone who co-edited two of the anthologies... alas, no. The anthologies took an immense amount of time and effort, and with diminishing returns to give to the CBLDF on the book, we felt it was best to take that time and pour it into other ways to help out the CBLDF and the show in general.


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