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    Default CBR: Sales Estimates for August, 2011

    "Fear Itself" and "Spider-Island" continue to perform for Marvel while DC Comics took the top two sales positions in August with the final issue of "Flashpoint" and the debut of the New 52 with "Justice League" #1.

    Full article here.

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    Amazing how many people bought War of the Green Lantern Aftermath, which gives credit to how powerful that title continues to be for DC. Curious to see how the GL titles do in the relaunch in September.
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    On the DC side it's obviously nice to see Justice League and Flashpoint selling well, and since the estimates only include US sales through Diamond it looks like that 200K orders for JL isn't just big talk from DC. I also just spotted 14,000 copies of the combo pack so that brings US sales alone up to 186,000. Also... what happened to that big campaign to give Secret Six a sales boost for the final issue? It lost almost a thousand readers!

    It's a shame that the #666 sales boost for Spider-Man didn't last at all, it's already back down to the level it was at beforehand. In other words, almost nobody started reading Spider-Man regularly despite the huge push Marvel gave it. Continuing the negatives it looks like Iron Man 2.0 is dead in the water. On the other hand Punisher is doing solidly and both Ultimate Hawkeye and Ultimates performed very well.

    A mixed bag all-round then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Farson89 View Post
    On the other hand Punisher is doing solidly
    I was really excited to see this. Especially when I noticed that Punisher #2 sold higher than Daredevil #2. I am really loving the new Punisher, but Daredevil...


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