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    Default CBR: Pop! - Sep 1, 2011

    "Star Wars" and "X-Men" each possess a seemingly exponential fan base, and this week George looks back at a man who once steered both ships in comic form, writer Roy Thomas.

    Full article here.

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    Yep, Star Wars #1 was my very first Marvel comic. I had heard someone say before that Star Wars saved Marvel, but I thought that person had been joking...
    Always remember this stuff isn't real.

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    In France, the Lee-Kirby-Roth UNCANNY material was re-published at the same time than Claremont and Byrne' run, so basically I had a glimpse of the future of the team with the whole flash-back issue of Scott' departure following Jean' death. At the time, the original members DIDN'T HAVE THE COSTUME CHANGE YET !!

    How did I wait for these adventures to happen..!! I digged Roth' art, but when I discovered Jim Steranko and Neal Adams..The closest X-MEN eras that reached this level of gravitas intensity were IMO JRJR and Silvestri' run..That ain't about being especially dark n' gritty, which meant a little, but I'm fed-up with the kinda poster-books the X-Titles has become..

    Why not Leinil Yu, or Gabriel Hardman onto X-Titles ?
    Why not Butch Guice, Michael Lark, Laurence Campbell ?
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