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    Default CBR: Shelf Life - Aug 31, 2011

    All this week, Ron Marz goes behind the scenes of his upcoming DC relaunch title "Voodoo." Today Ron looks at the subtle details colorist Jessica Kholine adds to Sami Basri's pages.

    Full article here.

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    Oh, damn...another book I gotta add to my pull list.
    Always remember this stuff isn't real.

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    Jessica Kholinne is a fantastic colorist whose work you have been seeing on Power Girl at DC as well as Marksmen from Image Comics. VOODOO is going to rock.

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    I'm really excited about this book. Never read any of the Wildstorm material featuring this character but after enjoy some of Marz's work and hearing about how he really turned around the quality of the Witchblade book, not to mention art team from Power Girl giving this book a very unique quality and I'm all over it.

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    Wait, she only does topless, not bottomless? Hmm...I've suddenly lost a little respect for Ms. Kitaen...
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