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So what WAS the point?
You know, honestly I would tell you, but I am just so goddamn tired of coming on here and arguing. I'm taking a break of arguing on here, it's needlessly stressing me on and I'm sick of it.

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Okay. How, though? Where are the similarities? One is a mature, beautifully written, engaging, affectionate homage to the story of the love of Peter Parker's life (well, before MJ, anyway). The other is this amauterish, skin-deep adventure story with the subtlety of a sledgehammer, not to mention barely adhering at all to what came before other than as a vague backstory. Ultimates 3, Ultimatum and New Ultimates were like what Batman Forever and Batman and Robin were to the first two with Michael Keaton.

...actually, not to toot my own horn as it were, but the more I think of that last comparison, the more perfect it seems. Apologies if somebody has already used this, but Loeb truly is the Joel Schumacher of the Ultimate Universe.
So The Ultimates 3 is Batman Forever and Ultimatum is Batman and Robin, likewise New Ultimates would be Saint Elmo's Fire and Ultimate X would be The Lost Boys (or vice versa). I can dig it.