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    Default CBR: The CBR Review: "Conan the Barbarian"

    Despite excellent action sequences and the successful casting of Jason Momoa, the new re-boot of "Conan the Barbarian" suffers from needless plot contrivances and falls just short of the mark.

    Full article here.

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    This might be a great movie, but in the clips, Jason comes off as looking very ... feminine. Sort of like Xena Warrior Princess, but with a bigger chest. Granted, this was someone's old Photoshop job of Momoa with long hair, but it illustrates what I mean:

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    saw it last night in 3d. it was a free ticket, good thing. You could swear there was no 3d at all! the acting.... what acting? horrible plot... why not smash the mask into a 1000 pieces, rather than do what they did.

    once again the cheapnest that is lionsgate shines through!

    horrible movie! you can tell the fight scenes were unexciting by the way they cut it. horrible!
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    The first 20 minutes or so, were walk out the movie -bad. We got to see the male version of hit girl, which was just FKN DUMB! Then the gore was over done to say the least. The dude did his thing though surprisingly, he gave a good performance. For some reason though he came across as more evil than the bad guy. Dont know why cant put my finger on it was decent.

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    Jason Momoa rocks! Bad-ass!

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    I thought Momoa was a perfectly fine Conan. I enjoyed the first 20 minutes of the film (kid Connan stuff), and I thought the action was fine.

    But it wasn't really a great movie by any stretch of the imagination... nor did I honestly expect it would be. It sort of gave almost more of a TV show vibe... ala Hercules or Xena maybe. It just didn't feel or look terribly epic.

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    I didn't hate this movie.


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